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Главная страница DVD DVD Washes, Filters and Oils (NTSC USA / JAPAN)

DVD Washes, Filters and Oils (NTSC USA / JAPAN)

DVD Washes, Filters and Oils (NTSC USA / JAPAN)

Артикул: AK-117DVD

27.50 Руб.

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Подробное описание

By MIG JIMENEZ. Special edition in NTSC format, with English narration and subtitles in English and Japanese. In this extensive DVD, we have clearly explained each one of the most popular techniques that are currently used worldwide. After seeing this complete DVD, the modeller will no longer have any doubts, and he will know exactly what each one of the oil and enamel product techniques mean. Also, the differences between each one of them are explained, as well as the effects they produce. Here you will be able to find the exact proportion of a wash or filter. You will discover how to apply it, as well as which brush and colour to use. This is the definitive guide of enamel techniques. Enjoy nearly 60 minutes of this fascinating journey through the most popular techniques in military model making.

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